− SVAGO, Italian for fun… −

We are an Italian kitchen inspired by the recipes handed down from generation to generation.

Memories of making pasta, biscuits and pizza with Nonna (our grandmother). Cooking with Nonna was always fun. And it was simple. It was holding onto the Artisan philosophy of food. Handmade dishes using the freshest ingredients. Ingredients that were allowed to speak for themselves. Whether it was Nonno’s (our grandfather) home grown tomatoes in the pasta sauce or the fresh fish a neighbour caught and gave to Nonna to cook. It all tasted wonderful.

This is the SVAGO way.

Nonna is still around, she visits from time to time to make sure we are staying true to the traditions of Italian cooking. Look out for the neon light that says ‘Nonna is in the kitchen’ - she’s here and there’s something special being made for you to enjoy. It might be pasta or gnocchi. Biscuits or cannoli. But whatever it is, you can bet it’s going to taste fantastic!

Enjoy the food. Enjoy the hospitality and above all else have some fun!


We are passionate about pasta!

We hand make all of our pasta giving you the freshest pasta experience. Using artisan recipes and the traditional method of pasta extrusion through a bronze die, resulting in textured pasta for maximum taste and flavour.

Remember to look out for the neon light that says ‘Nonna is in the kitchen’ - there’s something special being made for you!

We love pizza!

All of our pizza dough is handmade and rested for 48 hours giving you the lightest super tasty sour dough base. We then top it with fresh ingredients and finish it off in our made in Napoli wood oven - giving you the full SVAGO artisan pizza experience.


Our kitchen

Our kitchen is true to our ideals. Great tasting Italian food made with an Artisan philosophy - simple, hand made with fresh ingredients for an amazing dining experience. Enjoy…

− Our team −

The Svago team come with over fifty years of combined experience in hospitality. Husband and wife team Sam and Nancy Izzo are your hosts and are looking forward to your company at Svago and enjoying a true artisan Italian dining experience. Whether it be an antipasto platter selection to your taste, something special for your children, or a bottle of wine to pair with your meal, Sam and Nancy have got you covered. Ensuring that each dish comes to you with the traditions that is Savgo Cucina Artigiani Italiani, Eduardo Ferro leads the Svago kitchen. Having been head chef within some of Adelaide's most prestigious Italian restaurants, Eduardo guarantees you Italian food to savour.


Nancy Izzo

Functions and Catering Coordinator


Sam Izzo

Proprietor and Host

− Functions −

Svago is your go to place to host your event or corporate function and make it one to remember!
Nancy Izzo is your Svago contact and expert functions and catering coordinator. Whether it's an intimate gathering or a big bash or somewhere in between, Svago has dedicated spaces to suit your function and cater for your guests.
Get in touch by emailing [email protected] or call 08 8463 1666.

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55 Unley Road Parkside, SA